ZON Carvalho, was born in Sao Paulo Brazil in 1970.
He attended Columbus College of Art & Design in 1990 with a major in Industrial Design.
He soon moved to Orlando Florida where he began to explore his talents as a ne artist.
From 1994 to 2006 ZON exhibited often as a solo artist as well in group projects at local galleries and venues all over central Florida. He created a loyal following and his artwork was almost always sold out at every show he participated or was featured in.
With the advancement of social media his career took a turn into selling online where now he has collectors all over the country, Canada and Brazil.
Using Oils, acrylic paint, markers and color pencils on wood, Zon call his self a contemporary abstract creator, His art is figurative and sociological, with the purpose to crate positive triggers for peple to feel empowered to look for the silver lining of every situation.