Hi! My name is Sherman Yee. I am a NYC-based visual artist/painter.  I work in many mediums, but lately have been focusing on watercolor and acrylics.  As a queer artist, my art focuses on the male figure and the gay male gaze. It focuses on male beauty in all its shapes and forms as well as the relationships.

2019 was the year I got my first show. I only started painting six months before this. I started re-engaging in drawing at that time at various drawing studios and bars around NYC. I started with pencil and markers. But it was when I switched over to watercolors that people started to notice my work.  Note that when I first started watercolors it was very daunting and difficult. I almost quit watercolors that first session I was painting from live models.  I forced myself to stick with it. One of the studios I draw and paint at is the Leslie-Lohman Museum’s Prince Street Projects.  This is where I was asked to be part of the Museum’s 50th anniversary of the museum, Stonewall and of World Pride 50.  The show which was called “Male Gaze” featured my work alongside my heroes.  Famous artists like Andy Warhol, Tom of Finland, and Keith Haring.I ended 2019 having 6 group shows, ending in my dream of showing at Art Basel in Miami in the well know queer show aptly named “Art Gaysel.”

As an artist, I’m always excited when I get an opportunity to talk about my art or art in general. Feel free to reach out to me and ask me any questions.



Sherman Yee's painting named Henry
Artist Sherman Yee

Sherman Yee
IG: @shermanyee

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