Sean Andrew Young is an artist from south Florida dabbling in freelance work at an early age and studying every art form possible.

Becoming fluent in life drawing, architecture, and comic book character design there wasn’t enough classes in school for his artistic appetite.

After high school the next obvious step was art college at The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale to study more.

Classes include but not limited to illustration, industrial design, advertising design, typography, art history and more.

Even with a full schedule at AI his freelance work continued airbrushing, logo design, murals and even creating tattoos.

Not long after college he was working more with custom painting and airbrushing cars, motorcycles and anything paint would stick to..including skin.

Which leads to him tattooing full time now for 30 years, traveling the US, showing in galleries in almost 24 different states so far.

Who knows where he will show up next?

Available Works