Mila Kolisnyk was born in Ukraine, and raised in Brooklyn. Which mostly left her confused. She has a degree in Finance and has worked in the corporate world for the last 10 plus years. Until being diagnosed with bipolar and spending time in a psychiatric facility. After which, art became a pivotal outlet and communicative tactic. Canvas created a platform that words failed to support for many years.

She has no formal education in Creative Arts and everything she does is intuitive, and self-taught. She likes to create images that are dark yet funny, touching on the irony of life. As bad omens are sometimes the best prophets. Illness is the best roadmap for cure, and dead end is sometimes the way up. With her art, she hopes to bring attention to mentally ill, and maybe curve out a little kinder place for them in this world. Save

You can follow Mila on IG @Thebooklynite