Leroy is an artist and designer having worked in a number of creative fields including landscape design, graphic design, and product design before obtaining his BFA from The Illinois Institute of Art in 2016. He cofounded Stray Cat Studios that same year, producing video games and other mutli-artist projects. His abstract art made its gallery debut in 2019.

Artist Statement

“My digital abstracts come from what I think is a unique process. They are comprised of a series of original and stock photo elements digitally manipulated, twisted and pulled like taffy, then pushed to extreme saturation and finally layered together in a beautiful abstract distortion.

“I start my creations with an idea, a phrase, or even just a suggestion of an idea. I take or find photos of that represent elements representative of that idea and manipulate them down to unrecognizable images. Next I reassemble those as new layers in a variety of ways, until a new image emerges. In the case of “Ill-met By Moonlight,” for example, I used a unique image I took of the Strawberry Moon, a photo of foxglove, and a photo of the Cottingley faeries.

“I can’t recall the first time I wanted to do something creative, because it seems like I always have. Being creative was just something I knew would be a part of my life. After a dozen different false starts in art, I got a bachelor of fine arts degree and I’ve even been in my first few gallery shows. I have a better idea of who I am as an artist, but looking to where my art fits among all the wonderful talent I see around me online everyday.”

You can find more of Leroy’s work on IG @leroybinks