When you have an art related talent and you are trying to sell it, you have to understand the value of your time and sum of your experience.

It is something I struggle with. Years ago, the most important thing to me was “getting the job.” When it came time to talk price, I would end up undercutting myself, barely making enough to cover the cost of my supplies and, more importantly, my time. I got a lot of different jobs, but I didn’t like getting work just because I was the cheap guy.

I read something a while back, I can’t remember where, about valuing your talent. The part that really stuck with me said something along the lines of either charge what you think it is worth or give it away, nothing in between.

I have taken that advice to heart. Since then, I have learned a ton about how to price and I have made some money. I have also given away a lot of my time for free, mostly for non-profits in my local community–places that could use the money  I would charge to better serve their purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, I still tweak my prices according to my audience to some extent. If I am doing a show, I will adjust based on the gallery commission. But don’t be afraid to ask for what you think it is worth.

Here are a few examples of logos that I created.