Artist Statement

I am a self-taught visual artist from Louisville, KY, now living and working in Chicago. I started out doodling in my notebooks during class (instead of actually taking notes). Those doodles eventually turned into chaotic and colorful abstracts. I now often create more representational pieces with the same defined lines and bold colors. I am fascinated by how the tiniest differences in the shape or angle of a line can completely change an image, turning someone’s face from familiar to strange or an apple into an orange.

Going all the way back to my first notebook doodles, drawing has always been a way for me to process information and express something where words fail. I draw things that make me angry or make me laugh or often just because I was thinking about something and needed to occupy my hands. I believe very much that if you’re going to have something in your life, why not make it colorful and exciting? I hope my work can be many different things: introspective, surprising, funny, beautiful, and honest.