Jaweed Metz (a.k.a. “MugZ”) is a contemporary mixed media, graffiti-style pop artist and fine art photographer who credits growing up in the gritty British industrial city of Bradford, Yorkshire – the birthplace of renowned artist David Hockney – and time spent living in central London as early influences for his appreciation of an urban art aesthetic. His influences include Shepard Fairey, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and of course Banksy.

His contemporary style blends key elements in everyday life that he is passionate about, including black and white photography, politics, pop culture, music, street and graffiti art. His approach in creating art involves capturing, memorializing and transforming otherwise fleeting elements of the cultural, political, social, economic and musical zeitgeist of memorable periods throughout our history.

With his artistic expression, Jaweed is a visual architect, developing a journalistic news style narrative that weaves together random and somewhat unpredictable literal fragments found in the world around us. He also tries to evoke a sense of fun, parody and attitude in his art. His artistic style, iterative layered process results rich mixed media collage, transforming the fragments into a story.  These textures are composed of elements of new and vintage street posters, advertising images, black and white anchor photo images and text on stretched canvas punctuated with bold, vibrant layers of acrylic and spray paint and a final layer of lacquer providing a glossy quality.

Website: www.metzgallery.com

Instagram: @jaweedmetz