Artist’s Bio

I am Farhad Nikfam, painter from Baku, Azerbaijan. Born in 1987. State Academy of Fine Arts graduate. Did my MA in Graphic design and currently working on PhD. I have been painting since I was student and participated in domestic group exhibitions. My works have been displayed by online galleries internationally. Two of my solo shows each consisting of nearly 25 paintings took place in 2003 and 2006.

I consider my style close to primitivism although I am not a huge fan of naming or categorizing art to styles. If it is clear to viewer what was intended to express there is no need for names. I want my paintings to be recieved for ideas behind them not only their aesthetic characteristics. Future I imagine is a borderless world with equal rights for anyone no matter one’s skin color, gender identity or religion. I do believe in power of art in shifting changes in society and sparking minds for achieving this peaceful coexistence.

You can follow Farhad on IG @ffnikfam