Ed Snyder is a Philadelphia-based artist and writer who focuses his lense and prose on death and all it’s trappings.

Ed has explored hundreds of cemetaries across the country and exhibited his photography widely.

His work addresses the latter half of the Freudian theory of Eros and Thanatos- Sex and Death.

Freud believed sex and death to be our driving forces, forces that coincide yet conflict.

Humans are as obsessed with death as they are with sex, but less openly.

The fear of death fascinates us, but we usually do not express it directly.

Ed Snyder’s work allows us to vicariously confront our mortality in a healthy, artistic and sometimes beautiful way.

Ed’s work is now on view in our first online exhibition “The Skull Show” –> here.

He also contributes regularly to The Absynthe Gallery online and even wrote a beautiful article “Artist In Residence” for our Perspective blog –> here.

You can view more of Ed’s Photography via Instagram by following him @mourningarts

Or find him on FB here.