Born and raised in Chicago’s West side . I have a twin brother and 6 other siblings. I’ve always had a passion for art but struggled with drawing. My imagination always ran wild but I couldn’t make them come alive on paper. So by the age of 13 I walked away from art and never looked back. There after I ran with the wrong crowd, Kicked out of school , and found myself being shot on separate occasions before I turned 21 years old. I knew then It was time to walk away from the streets . I got a job as a landscaper and held it down till this date. 21 years employed with the biggest landscape company in Chicago and I found myself doing side jobs and designing projects. I then knew art still lived in me . Three years ago at the age of 39 I decided to give art a shot again, this time with a brush. I’m still learning so be patient with me. 🙏❤️

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Derrick Sampson’s Gallery

Derrick Sampson – “Untitled”

Derrick Sampson – “Fifteen Minutes Of Fam”

Derrick Sampson – “Flowers In The Attic”

Derrick Sampson – “Joking Around”

Derrick Sampson – “Drifting Away”

Derrick Sampson – “Galaxy”

Derrick Sampson – “Untitled”

Derrick Sampson – “Chaos”

Derrick Sampson – “Billie Jean Concert”