Brooklyn Art Cave

Brooklyn Art Cave November 19th – 21st

We currently have 14 6′ x 12′ wall spaces available for this event for $100 each.

Once the spaces are SOLD out, they will be SOLD out.

All art can start being dropped off to the Brooklyn Art Cave on Monday November 15th.

The Brooklyn Art Cave will start set- up on Thursday night all the way until Friday before 7p.m.

All artists MUST be in attendance for Opening Reception on November 19th.

All art MUST be picked up & taken down by artists Sunday evening after 6 p.m. following the exhibition.

If you need to pick your art up at a specific time and certain date The Brooklyn Art Cave can make arrangements, however, there will be a cost of $25 to cover the staffing necessary to come during none business hours.

All art pieces will be hung with command hooks and strips. If your pieces are bulky or heavy, please inform us so we can make arrangements for hanging your art.

We are NOT collecting commissions off of this show, however, we would be greatly appreciative if you would make a small donation to The Absynthe Gallery’s GoFundMe Account so we can open our 1st brick and mortar location in Philadelphia, Pa.

We would like to thank The Brooklyn Art Cave | 88 Events for this opportunity.

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