Brian Hallas is a photographer, filmmaker, sound designer,
songwriter, and educator. As a photographer, Brian is drawn to subjects we
frequently take for granted or overlook: shadows, detritus, reflections, scarred
surfaces, the landscape, the heavens, or simply the view out the window. His
work is inspired by the cyclical interchange between the natural world and human
activity, and increasingly attracted to how atmospheric changes affect shape,
texture, mood and light. In the aftermath, Brian filters each captured image
through the lens of abstract imaginative realism, seeking a heightened
experience for both the viewer and himself.

He has been working in the theater since the third grade, and as a sound
designer and performer, he’s been an associate of National Medal of the Arts
recipient Ping Chong since 1983. Brian adopted photography as a serious
medium for exploration and expression upon becoming a schoolteacher, where
economy of effort to achieve maximum effect is one of the keys to survival. As
one whose primary focus is found in abstract imaginative realism, the daily rituals
of taking, processing and posting his photographs make for an oasis of peace
and creativity in a very troubled era. Among the multitudes of perks afforded by a
life in the Arts, Brian has especially been fortunate to dine contentedly in many
parts of the world where he otherwise would never have dined.