In my recent history I ran an Advertising Department. The daily work was more along the lines of production design as opposed to the flashy stuff you see on Mad Men. It was a soul-sucking grind, made no easier by things like corporate approvals, tight deadlines, and constant changing deadlines.
I don’t miss it, even a little bit.

What I do miss, is having an art community that I got to see and bounce ideas off every day. I got to share thoughts and bounce ideas off of four designers on a daily basis. I’m not talking about sharing thoughts on work, I am talking about the projects we were all working on outside of work. We would regularly talk about our successes and failures, what we were currently working, and talking through issues that cropped up, and, of course, dealing with challenging clients. We would share different artists that we discovered, and different techniques that we found successful. Most importantly, it wasn’t a contest, we weren’t competing for work, we would cheer each other on and challenge one another to be better.

Sometimes we would share ideas before they ever made it paper (or canvas), and that led to different interpretations of the same idea. Below is an example of an idea I shared for a painting that I was going to do for a show. As I was working on the painting, Taylor took the same idea through his filter and applied his style to it. Pretty rad!

I still regularly talk to the artists, but looking back, I am very fortunate to have had that kind of community at my disposal.

So, share an idea. Send someone a message about how something looks rad. Ask a question about how an artist did something. Be willing to share that information. We aren’t competing with one another.

I will be more than willing to share any info that I can with any one of you.

“Uncle Sam is Watching You” by Dave Tamkus

“Post 9/11 Patriotism” by Taylor Harpster