To fulfill  a promise made to his father as a teenager, Anthony Carey is currently studying for a BA in Creative Arts and works as a graphic design tutor. Not pinned to any medium, Carey has created work across painting, drawing, sculpture and video. Working intuitively, he has developed a passionate relationship with colour and texture, allowing him to respond to emotional connections. His work concerns itself with pathways to consciousness, to create something tangible based on recalled life experiences, expressed through residues of colour and texture.

Carey, believes that promotion and education through the Arts improve and enrich our lives and encourage urban regeneration. Through his art he supports a variety of charities in their fundraising campaigns. He has self-published several books related to his artwork and working in collaboration with family members has produced books that show his connection to his home town through his Irish humour.

His work has been selected for group exhibitions in Biennale di Chianciano,  Tuscany 2022, (where he won an award in Abstract Art category) The Berkeley Gallery, Thomastown, 2022, Litehouse Galerie, Berlin 2022, The London Art Biennale 2021, Alternative Kilkenny Arts Festival 2021, Sculpture in Context 2019, with upcoming group shows in Berlin and Amsterdam. His first short film, ‘Story’, created in 2021, has been selected by multiple film festivals worldwide and won numerous awards.

Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to the tactile. The mind acts as the great deceiver, often filling in gaps by merging memories, amplifying feelings and exaggerating recalled colours. Fascinated with the link between the expected rather than the actual stimuli received, I create works that are perceptible by touch or apparently so.  Drawing from memories, I document questions I have for myself, “do I know what I know?” These works have become a choreography of my life.

Creating work that can be physically and emotionally touched is a constant communication with medium and substrate, and the notion of ‘feeling’ becomes cathartic.Working primarily in acrylics and industrial adhesives, the material property of mediums is essential to me in the process. I often wonder how people manage the sensation of being able to see but not touch.