We Are The Absynthe Gallery.

Who We Are.

The Absynthe Gallery was established in April 2020 as a means to give visual artists a platform to showcase their art in the middle of a global shut down.

It is Absynthe Gallery’s mission to be a 100% inclusive art space.

Meaning, WE ACCEPT artists from many different diverse backgrounds & cultures.

The Absynthe Gallery always roots for the outsiders, diversity matters to us and love ALWAYS wins.

The Absynthe Gallery is proudly powered by The Black Paisley Creative Group.

Black Paisley was founded in late 2020 by New Jersey based visual artists James Miller and Kevin Schumacher.

Black Paisley seeks to empower other young creative entrepreneurs in all their creative endeavors by offering low cost tech and digital services.

What Does Black Paisley have to offer you ?

Black Paisley offers a bit of everything from web design & app development to digital marketing services, digital design, digital photography services and more.

You can find Black Paisley on the web at: