Team Absynthe Gallery

JamesOwner, Absynthe Gallery
James is a visual artist and designer who currently resides in New Jersey where he was born and raised.

He considers himself to be a Renaissance man that loves to draw, paint, develop websites, read books and study marketing.

His artistic influences range from classical painters like Tintoretto to street artists such as Banksy.

His business and marketing influences range from Russell Brunson to Gary Vaynerchuk, among others.

In his spare time James enjoys being out in and connecting with nature and frequenting vintage flea markets.

He collects a bit of everything from visual art to vintage glass, pottery, advertising and toys.

AprilSocial Media Manager, Absynthe Gallery
April is a painter, designer and creative who currently resides in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

April manages both our social media feeds & our website.

She is a consummate professional and a great addition to our creative group.

DanicaWeb Manager, Absynthe Gallery
Danica Egan was born and raised in northern New Jersey, but currently resides in Central Pennsylvania.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and she is always working on honing her craft.

Danica works in a wide variety of media with interest in many avenues in art.

Currently Danica maintains our website and also helps tag team the social media feeds along with our social media manager, April.

We couldn’t ask for a more driven creative professional to be a part of our creative group here.

Dave Tamkus
Dave TamkusContributor, Absynthe Gallery
Dave is a trained graphic designer, however about 2 years ago now he made a commitment to get back into more traditional forms of art.

Dave works in acrylics paints, charcoal, chalk pastels, pencil and digital illustrations, some times having stickers made of them.

Dave tends to skew more towards the dark & existential in his work, but also enjoys just coming up with a clever way of communicating other messages about what emotions may lurk beneath what you see.

Emily Adney
Emily AdneyContributor, Absynthe Gallery
Emily is a scientist who studies viruses and evolution and paints (mostly sans paintbrush) when she feels the inspiration… which is often first thing in the morning.

She draws great joy from squeezing small heaps of colorful acrylic onto smaller canvases and paper and folding, mixing, and dip dropping media until it feels balanced.

It is an abstract art in the end.

Always globular.

Often symmetric.

Often disordered.

Always done in one 1-2 hour sitting.

Sherman Yee
Sherman YeeContributor, Absynthe Gallery
Sherman has 20+ years experience as a creative director.

He draws at various creative collectives from drink and draws and bars to Leslie-Lohman Prince Street Projects.

He also hones and practices his art in drawing circles around the city.

He draws inspiration from the male form following in footsteps of inspirations such as Andy Warhol, Patrick Nagel, and Tom of Finland.

Sherman Yee, has worked in several mediums. He focuses on watercolor and acrylic in his recent work. His use of color in live figure drawing has often been called lyrical.

His work involves the male gaze and turning it back toward men as the object of desire.

Jillian Mae
Jillian MaeContributor, Absynthe Gallery
Jillian Mae is a Florida based artist. She is also a wife and mother to 3 young kids.

Her style is abstract melted into surrealism… lately in her art she’s been exploring the beauty in destruction and nature’s ability to persevere.

Jillian’s work is mostly in acrylic but she also does a little bit of everything from collage to digital art.

Ed Snyder
Ed SnyderContributor, Absynthe Gallery
Ed has explored hundreds of cemetaries across the country and exhibited his photography widely.

His work addresses the latter half of the Freudian theory of Eros and Thanatos- Sex and Death.

Freud believed sex and death to be our driving forces, forces that coincide yet conflict.

Humans are as obsessed with death as they are with sex, but less openly.

The fear of death fascinates us, but we usually do not express it directly.

Ed Snyder’s work allows us to vicariously confront our mortality in a healthy, artistic and sometimes beautiful way.